Easier integration with the MoveIt wizard and advancements in OMPL

If you have a robot that needs to move, MoveIt is the planning framework for you. MoveIt is an open source project that includes various planning techniques, kinematics, dynamics, collision checking, constraints evaluation and sampling, visualization, and more.  To easily enable MoveIt to run on your robot, Dave Coleman of the University of Colorado Boulder and Willow Garage intern developed the MoveIt Setup Assistant to get your robot quickly up and running.

MoveIt is a framework that connects a wide variety of planning techniques and collision-checking algorithms to useful tools such as benchmarking and visualization. The MoveIt Setup Assistant helps you generate all needed configuration and launch files, with an easy to use visual front.

Additionally, Dave contributed to the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) by implementing a new planning algorithm, Transition-based RRT, that keeps random tree search in low cost regions of the configuration state. This is convenient for minimizing objectives such as mechanical work over a trajectory, or taking probability of occupancy into account in an occupancy grid.

Finally, to aid OMPL development, Dave developed the ompl_rviz_viewer. The visualizer shows cost maps in RViz along with all searched states, nodes and edges from a planner. It also serves as a good code example for anyone hoping to get started with OMPL.

Dave’s work with MoveIt and OMPL this summer at Willow Garage contribute to the overall progress of robotic planning and its adoption by roboticists everywhere. 

For more information visit:

moveit.ros.org and ompl_rviz_viewer