Exploring ROS With The TurtleCore

During his internship at Willow Garage, Rob Linsalata from Tufts University worked on running ROS on small, low power ARM-based processors.  Rob focused on driving the TurtleBot around using the TurtleCore -- a small embedded computer produced by Gumstix

Rob worked to integrate the TurtleCore with the TurtleBot throughout his time at Willow Garage.  After initially integrating the TurtleCore and TurtleBot he focused on getting ROS running on the ARM processor in the TurtleCore.  He has provided documentation and procedures to bring up the TurtleCore on the Overo ARM processor.  Rob then helped test and debug ROS functionality running on the ARM architecture.  

The TurtleBot comes by default with an Asus netbook.  The netbook accounts for a significant fraction of the computation, cost, and power consumption when the TurtleBot is operating.  By using a smaller ARM-based processor the TurtleBots can be made to run longer  using less expensive parts. 

For more details, see ros.org/wiki/TurtleCore