PR2 Actuator Diagnostic Tool

During his recent internship, Rahul Udasi, an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo created a motor diagnostic tool for the PR2. The tool allows PR2 users to find motor faults quickly by getting diagnostic data from the motors along with analysis of the collected information. The results are presented in graphs and messages that may indicate what might be wrong with the PR2's joint motors, all without having to remove any covers. 

The first step in the tool is to select which joint motors the users wants to diagnose. Next, the user moves the joints for the specific motors for about 4 seconds to record enough data then moves onto the next joint. For convenience, the PS3 joystick is used to indicate when the user is done with one joint and when to move to the next. After the data is recorded, the user has access to comprehensive logs and analysis of motor performance. If something looks wrong, the software will tell the user where to look for issues with the joint motor. 

By using the tool, users can quickly diagnose motor faults without the need to remove the motors from the assembly, a time-consumering and specialized task. 

For more information please visit the PR2 motor diagnostic page.