Pick and Place with MoveIt! on the PR2 Robot

The MoveIt! team at Willow Garage has been busy adding a new feature: pick and place with the PR2 robot. A new manipulation tab in the MoveIt! Rviz Plugin allows users to interact directly with the manipulation capabilities in MoveIt! and with the object recognition capabilities provided by the Object Recognition Kitchen (ORK). The plugin also allows users to select object and tables in the scene. Users can plan and execute a pick plan for an object with a single click. MoveIt! will plan grasps using the household objects database. To place an object, just select the table that you want to place it on in the Rviz plugin. MoveIt! will automatically sample a set of poses on the table at the right distance from the edges, determine the right target pose to put the object down, and plan and execute the place action.

For more information please visit moveit.ros.org