Dreams in High Fidelity

The first piece of computer art that is organic and dynamic. What does a computer dream about? Does it count sheep?

Scott Draves has created a network of 50,000 computers worldwide working together to generate art.

We have an installation of Scott's art called "Dreams in High Fidelity", his rendition of what computers might dream about while they sleep. I asked him to create a high resolution version that moved 12x slower and with longer transitions - something our staff and visitors might enjoy.

Scott agreed and created a dynamic, organic work of art using the equivalent of 500 years of CPU time. Our installation appears on a 60 inch screen, has 200 sheep and 800 transitions - with each sheep playing for one minute and having four transitions that last for 30 seconds before the next sheep appears. Although all the sheep are based on the same algorithm, each is completely different, unique and complex. Most are beautiful and engaging.

If this sounds interesting, and you are near Menlo Park or Palo Alto, please feel free to stop by. We'd like to share it with you.

--- Scott Hassan