Possibilities for Robot Applications

Work Life

From services to manufacturing, people spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks. You could make someone an App for their tedious tasks making them more productive and their work more enjoyable.

Personal Life

From doing dishes to doing laundry, Apps could do a lot of things we would rather leave to a robot.


For someone who would otherwise need to live in an assisted facility, you could make an App to let them live independently.

Need Inspiration?

When practically anything is possible, sometimes it is tough to know where to start. Here are some PR2 Apps people are thinking about:

Machine Tending
In small factory settings it is common for highly skilled machine operators to spend as much as 80% of their time tending a machine (taking out finished parts and putting in material for new ones) and only 20% of their time configuring the machine for new jobs and dealing with problems.

What if you could provide an App for these people so that they could easily train a PR2 to do the boring part of their jobs and they could operate 20 machines at a time instead of only 5?

File System
Everyone has a lot of paper in their lives, from lawyers to physicists.

What if an App made a robot digitally scan and file all the papers on your desk? Then the App let you ask the robot for things like, “All the papers with Joe Schmo’s name on it,” or “I need the stack of folders that was in the middle of desk on Friday.”

Dreaming of a Robot
App Store?

We see a future where there are Robot Apps for robots like PR2 that make us more productive at work and at home.

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