Hardware and Software Platform for Mobile Manipulation R&D


Backdriveable Arms

PR2's arms are backdriveable and current controlled so PR2 can manipulate in unstructured environments.

Spring Counterbalance

PR2's arms have a passive spring counterbalance system so the arms float even when the power is off.


PR2's wrist has two continuous degrees of freedom and lots of torque so PR2 can manipulate everyday objects from doors to frying pans.


PR2's gripper can grasp everything from towels to tea cups, and brooms to brews.

Open Source Software


Software architecture for grasping and manipulation, from grasp selection to arm path planning.

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Low level and high level real time controllers for PR2.

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With a telescoping spine and an omnidirectional base that completed a marathon, PR2 can work where you need it.

Open Source Software


PR2 ran for 26.2 error-free miles in our offices on this software.

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Sensors Everywhere

PR2's sensor suite and sensor processing and calibration libraries let you fuse information from several sensors easily.

Open Source Software


Object recognition with lasers and cameras.

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Open CV

Computer Vision Libraries. And then some.

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Point Cloud Library

3D Point Cloud Processing Libraries.

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Software Developer Tools

The ROS open source robotic
software framework and PR2
were developed together from
the ground up. With PR2 and
1000+ libraries in the ROS
ecosystem you can build on the
power of the open source
community. ROS.org


Visualize what the robot
is thinking and seeing.

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Logging and Playback

Log and playback any data in a ROS system.

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Simulate the environment, hardware and sensors.

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Monitor 4000+ PR2 parameters in real time.

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PR2's Two
Onboard Servers

You don’t want computing power to be the first limit you hit on a robot. PR2’s two onboard servers let you take advantage of its manipulation, mobility and sensing capabilities.


Open interfaces let you use different grippers, forearms, whole arms or sensors. Modularity Specs

Power to Go

The 1.3 kWh battery
system can run the servers
and robot at full tilt for 2
hours. Onboard chargers
let PR2 run while plugged
in and charging.


A single EtherCAT bus
gives you real time,
deterministic control of all
your motors at 1 kHz while
also providing accurate
triggering of all your

Ethernet + WiFi

With a 32 gigabit
backplane and multigigabit
connection to each server,
the gigabit Ethernet
network handles all the
camera data and the dual
radio WiFi with ease.



From the counterbalance
to the power system,
PR2‘s hardware and
software are designed to minimize risks
while retaining the power
of an open platform.
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