Pursuing Funding for a PR2?

Sole Source Justification

This document compares the cost of PR2 to the cost of subcomponents, software developer tools and ROS libraries required to build a similar robot. The document discusses the value that a fully integrated, well tested platform provides for research productivity. It also covers the opportunities for open source code sharing and scientific peer review that come from being a part of the PR2 community. Please send an email to pr2info@willowgarage.com for the document in editable format.

Other Proposal Materials

Diagrams, photos, illustrations and other materials helpful for raising funds to purchase a PR2 are available upon request.

Startup Funds

Moving to a new institution? A number of professors have negotiated PR2s into their start up packages.

Give us a Call

We can connect you with other interested parties, funding agencies and quite often other people at your institution that are interested in a PR2 but only have a portion of the necessary funding available on hand.

(650) 733-4772

PR2 Open Source Discount Award

Award This discount award program encourages and rewards those who make significant contributions to the open source community.

Application Instructions & FAQ

Possible PR2 Funding Sources (U.S.)

NSF: Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI)
Annual competition. FY2011 posting expected end-Oct 2010 with 1/27/11 submission deadline

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
Robotics Technology Development and Deployment [RTD2] (R43)
Letter of Intent due 11/20/10 with 12/20/10 submission deadline

NSF: Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI)
Dates vary by program

Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)
Annual competition. FY2012 posting expected 7/11 with mid-Sept 2011 submission deadline.

DOD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI)
Annual competition: FY2012 posting expected 8/11 with end-Sept 2011 white paper deadline.