Order a PR2

PR2 Robot System Price Including

  • Two arms + grippers
  • Omnidirectional mobile base
  • Sensor suite (mono-stereo with texture projector, wide field of view color stereo, 5MP camera, tilting LIDAR, base LIDAR, IMU, pan/tilt platform, forearm cameras, gripper tip sensors)
  • 2 x onboard Xeon servers (each server: 8 cores i7, 24GB RAM, 2TB disk)
  • Power system (onboard chargers, 1.3 kWh battery system)
  • Full system EtherCAT motion control network
  • Full system Gigabit Ethernet network with 32GB backplane switch
  • Dual radio WiFi
  • Wireless Run-Stop system
  • Base station

$280,000.00 (with Open-Source Discount) + Taxes and Shipping