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Personal Robotics, Mobile Manipulation

Personal robot applications enable people to make themselves more productive at home and at work.

PR2 combines the mobility to navigate human environments and the dexterity to grasp and manipulate objects in those environments.


PR2 allows you to concentrate on your specific field, while taking advantage of the work of specialists in other areas.

The PR2 hardware platform and 1000+ software libraries enable you, as a member of the community, to focus on new capabilities.

The common platform also lets you easily share your research results in a way that is reproducible.

Freedom to Innovate

The PR2 is an open platform. You can change the system to meet your needs at any level.

PR2 is designed to be durable so that you can experiment with new ideas and applications directly on the robot.



Questions: Active community mailing list backed up by Willow Garage’s engineering team.

Services: Formal ticketing system for targeted troubleshooting.

Documentation: Manual, modularity specs, repair and replacement guides.

PR2, ROS and the Beta Program

Overview Video

What can you prototype in a week on PR2?