Willow Garage supports the development of TREX for executive control of autonomous robots. TREX is a hybrid executive combining goal-driven and event-driven behavior in a unified framework based on temporal plans and temporal planning. TREX uses a single declarative programming language and shared runtime state for both deliberation and execution offering a seamless integration between planning and control. TREX also provides explicit support for compositional control which improves modularity, scalability, and robustness. Willow Garage's support for TREX is centered on streamlining integration with the ROS platform in the domain of mobile manipulation as well as  generally extending the usability and effectiveness of the technology for advanced autonomous robotics.


TREX was developed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute for Adaptive Mission Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. TREX has been deployed for a number of sea trials and science missions in the Monterey Bay. Some of the details of these field experiments are described here:

TREX exploits the EUROPA-2 temporal planning library which is an open-source system from the NASA Ames Research Center applied to diverse problems including rover command and control, solar array control for the space station, crew activity planning and scheduling for the space station, and motion planning for the ATHLETE robot.